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Australia’s Focus on Permanent Migration Program to Foster the Growth of Australian Jobs

Australia’s Focus on Permanent Migration Program to Foster the Growth of Australian Jobs

Posted on: Mon, Oct 12 2020

The Federal Executive Government of Australia is emphasizing more towards the Permanent Migration Program for the year 2020-2021. This smart move of the Australian Government is a positive step that is capable of supporting the country’s economic recovery that has been affected by the pandemic. Now, the entire focus is on the jobs market of Australia so as to strengthen the Australian Businesses and create more jobs for Australians.

For the financial year of 2020-2021, a cap of 160,000 places has been set for the Permanent Migration Program, with:

  • 79,600 places available under the Skills stream
  • 77,300 places available under the Family Stream
  • 100 places available under the Special stream
  • 3,000 places available under the child’s stream

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As per the places available under the new planning levels for the Skilled Migration program, it has been seen that approximately two-third of the total places were allotted under the skills stream and one-third as per the family stream and the remaining to the special stream and child’s stream.

Migration Program – Skills Stream

Under the skill stream, the main focus of the skilled visas will be on the investors, innovators and creators who are capable of growing the Australian Businesses and generate more employment opportunities for the Australians.

The main area of priority under the skills stream will be the candidates who will apply under the Global Talent, BIIP (Business Innovation and Investment Program) and the Employee Sponsored Visas.

The Global Talent visa was successfully launched in 2019, to attract the talented workforce from all across the globe. There are certain key factors under the GT Program such as Financial Services, advanced manufacturing, Health and FinTech.

The country is exerting all its efforts to hog the limelight of the talented workforce who can contribute towards the country’s success in the health and economic sectors amidst the pandemic. Moreover, it has also decided to double the existing number of places available for the business investors making it to 13,500 places. Now, the BIIP (Business Innovation and Investment Program) will be more simplified and changes can be seen in the requirements as well.

Now, the entire program will be focused more on venture capital and budding small and medium sized businesses so as to bring the economy back on its track. The employee sponsored visas will be more prioritized over the non-prioritized ones, with a clear focus on the occupations that are in-high demand in Australia and mentioned on the priority Migration skills occupation list.

Permanent Migration Program – Family Stream

Under this stream of the Permanent Resident Program, more priority will be given to the candidates who want to stay with their partners living in Australia and make their future bright. Now, the wait is over for all the candidates who are waiting for the final decision for their application.

Humanitarian Program

This program will be set at 13,750 places and there will be a cap on the number of places allocated, keeping in mind the Migration Program.

All the efforts have been made to bring the Australian economy back on its track that previously went off track due to the corona crisis. The Government will continue to focus on the candidates who are applying under the Humanitarian Program. More priority will be given towards providing great support to the people who want to improve their work and language proficiency skills.

When it comes to accepting the applications under the Humanitarian Programs, Australia is the third most benevolent country across the globe. This country maintains its long-term commitment towards the folks who are unable to return to their home country because of the ill-treatment.


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