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Australia New Requirements to Learn English Language to Increase the Job Prospects

Australia New Requirements to Learn English Language to Increase the Job Prospects

Posted on: Mon, Oct 12 2020

The Australian Government is introducing fresh requirements for the candidates who applied under the Partner Visa for Australia and their valid sponsors who are living in Australia as a Permanent Resident or Citizen so that efforts can be made to learn English. The Partner Visas constitute 90% of the family stream under the Permanent Migration Program. English, being the official language of Australia is a mandatory requirement that needs to be filled by anyone who wants to move to Australia on a permanent basis.

Moreover, being proficient in the English Language also helps you to find your dream job in Australia and to participate in democracy. It has been seen that 13% of the candidates with no proficiency in English language are in work when compared to the 62% of the candidates who are proficient in English Language.

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Due to the insufficient proficiency in English Language, it becomes difficult for the immigrants to scrounge for more work opportunities and career prospects. The number of folks who are not speaking English in Australia has risen up to 1 million, in which half of the folks belong to a young and working age, that’s the reason the Australian Government has decided to provide as many hours the candidate needs to reach the level of Vocational English.

The limitations that were set earlier on the migrants’ access to learn English language free of cost through the Adult Migration English Program, however, this year the limitations have been removed. Now, the candidates can easily access as many hours they want to reach a level of Vocational English.

So, the new measure that has been taken by the Australian Government is a great asset for you as well as the Australian Government, thereby creating more opportunities for the newbie’s who are looking forward to migrating to Australia on a permanent basis. Any further details about these new requirements will be announced by the Australian Government in the coming months.


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