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Partner Visa - Bring your Partner to Australia

Australia Partner Visa – The Best Way to reunify with the Ones you Love

Australia is one of the best countries with a thriving economy and modern infrastructure. It is one of the most ideal nations that not only provides golden opportunities to the immigrants, but also provide perfect amenities that in turn helps them settle easily in an entirely new country, where everything is new.

The Australia Partner Visa is one of the top visa categories that hog the limelight of the folks whose partners are residing in Australia either as permanent residents or Australian Citizens. Every year, many couples apply for an Australia Partner Visa and reunite with their beloved ones. Through a partner visa for Australia, the spouses or partners of Australia’s Permanent residents or citizens can come to live the best days of their life with their better halves.

The Australia Partner Visa consists of 2 visas, Temporary and Permanent. When you apply for the partner visa category at first, you need to actually submit two applications; the first one is the temporary partner Visa and the other one is a permanent partner visa. Submitting them at the same times doesn’t guarantee that both of them will be approved.

The entire process for Australia Partner Visa requires 2 years, which means that your temporary partner visa will be granted within these two years and then the permanent residency partner visa needs another 24 months to get approved. If you have been granted the temporary visa at first then, post 2 years you will be contacted again regarding your permanent visa application. In order to get approval for a permanent partner visa, you will be asked to meet another set of eligibility criteria.

If the Australia Immigration department doesn’t find any errors in your documents, then they easily approve your permanent partner visa without any delays. So, make sure that you submit complete and correct documents as even a single folly can result in the denial.

Australia Partner Visa – Subclass 309 and Subclass 100

Subclass 309 is a temporary partner visa for Australia and is also a baby step towards getting the PR status for Australia. It is best suited for the spouses or de facto partners of those who are either permanent residents of Australia or citizens or any qualified citizen of New Zealand.

Perks of getting subclass 309 visa

Subclass 100 is a permanent partner visa. To apply for this visa, you first need to get your visa approved under the subclass 309. If you want, you can even apply for both at the same time by paying only one fee, however, there are certain additional requirements that you need to meet.

Perks of getting subclass 100 Visa

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What are the Eligibility Criteria to apply for an Australia Partner Visa?

To apply for an Australia Partner Visa, you must be either married or in a de facto relationship with any of the following, be it an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident of Australia or an eligible citizen of New Zealand. So, make sure that you adhere to the above conditions, if you want to get your Australia Partner Visa approved without facing any obstacles in between. Have a look below to better understand the concept of eligibility criteria.

It doesn’t matter on which ground you are applying marriage or de facto relationship, the following criteria below-mentioned applies to all the applicants.

How to Apply for an Australia Partner Visa?

Applying for an Australia Partner Visa is a two step process. First, you need to prove that you are married or in a de facto relationship (for at least 12 months). If you successfully met the eligibility criteria, you can apply your application for the 309 visa. The application for subclass 309 and subclass 100 is submitted together, however, you don’t need to pay for both of them. To apply, you need to pay only for one.

Now, if your application for subclass 309 visa gets approved, your profile will now be assessed for the permanent partner visa i.e. subclass 100. Subclass 309 is a temporary partner visa; hence you are allowed to stay in Australia on a temporary basis.

Post 2 years of staying in Australia on a temporary partner visa, you are required to provide some additional documents, if you want to convert the temporary visa into a permanent one. The submitted documents will then be approved by the Australia immigration authorities and if they find your documents accurate, then they will grant you with Australia permanent partner visa i.e. subclass 100. Now, after the visa grant, you will be allowed to live with your loved ones in Australia on a permanent basis.

What is the Processing Time for Australia Spouse/Partner Visa?

When it comes to temporary partner visa subclass 309, the 75% of the applications get processed within 17 months and 90% of the applications get processed within 22 months.

On the other hand, when it comes to permanent partner visa subclass 100, 75% of the applications get processed within 22 months and 90% of the application gets processed within 32 months.

What is the Cost to Apply for Australia Partner Visa subclass 309 and subclass 100?

If you want to apply for an Australia Partner Visa, you are required to pay fees of $AUD 7,715, however, the fees might change periodically. Apart from this fee, there are additional fees also that you need to pay. These are:

So, do you wish to reunite with your loved ones? Well, apply for an Australia Partner Visa and stay together with your partner on a permanent basis in the Kangaroo land.

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We, at Aptech Immigration always stand in your support right from the filing of the visa till the approval of the partner visa, no matter what the circumstances will be! With us, you are not alone. So, hurry up, and file your application for an Australia Partner Visa and fly to Kangaroo Land to live the best days of your life with your better half.