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Australia Student Visa

Australia Student Visa – Experience Top-Class Education in the Land of Tomorrow

Australia is the third most renowned destination for International students across the globe. Without any ray of doubt, every year millions of students apply for an Australia Study Visa and immigrate to Australia to explore the golden opportunities that are sure to take their career to great heights. In the today’s world, it’s hard to get an accelerating and promising future that you get post studying in Australia on an Australia Student Visa.

So, are you ready to make positive waves in your career? Well, it’s time to apply for an Australia Study Visa and make sure that you don’t miss out any golden opportunity. Well, prior to applying for an Australia Student Visa, it’s pertinent to understand each and every aspect of carrying your studies in Australia, which includes the entire costs, significant documents and eligibility requirements.

Australia Study Visa is known as subclass 500 that allows you to be in Australia for a period of 5 years for the sole purpose of full-time study at the best educational institution, in congruence with your enrollment. With Australia Study visa, you can:

What are the Eligibility Requirements to Apply for Australia Student Visa Subclass 500?

If you want to apply for Australia Study Visa subclass 500, you are required to meet the eligibility criteria set by DHA (Department of Home Affairs) such as:

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What is the Process to apply for Australia Student visa Subclass 500?

What is the Documents Checklist for Subclass 500?

The documents checklist gives you a deep insight of the required documents that you need to attach along with your application. The documents that you need to submit along with your application for Australia Study Visa are as follows:

What is the Evidence of English Language Proficiency?

If you want to apply for a Australia Student Visa, you need to ascertain that you have obtained satisfactory test scores in English Test Scores. The current English language test requirement is as follows:

Test Providers for English Language Minimum Scores Requirement Minimum Scores & at least 10 weeks (ELICOS) English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students Minimum Scores & at least 20 weeks (ELICOS) English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students
IELTS 5.5 4 4.5
TOEFL iBT 46 35 32
Advanced Cambridge English 152 154 147
PTE Academic 42 36 30
OET B for each test component N/A N/A

What are the Processing Times for Visa Subclass 500?

Processing Times depend upon which sector you are applying for and it can take between:

What is the Cost to Apply for Australia Student Visa Subclass 500?

If you want to apply for a student visa so that you can experience higher education in Kangaroo land, you need to incur certain costs. The Australia Student Visa costs around AUD 620 for the primary applicant (unless you aren’t exempted) as well as for your beloved family member (if you have included anyone in your application)

In addition to this, you are required to pay other fees as well such as medical clearance certificates, police clearance certificates, language proficiency fees and translation costs (if any). Are you ready to do this one-time investment? Henceforth, apply now and make your future as bright as sunshine and enter the magnificent tunnel of success with great ease.

Are you Ready to trust? Choose the right course and the university you want to study in and start a new chapter of your life in Australia as early as possible!