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Register of Australia Skilled Regional Visa 491

Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa Subclass 491 – A Perfect Route to get Hold of Australian PR

The new skilled work regional (provisional) visa subclass 491 is a major replacement for the subclass 489 temporary visa. The new visa subclass 491 came into effect from November, 2019 and is a perfect route to get hold of Australia’s Permanent Residency. In order to take 491 visa pathways, you need to possess a skill set in the occupation that is in high-demand in the designated areas of Australia.

491 Visa allows you to reside and work in the designated regional areas of Australia. In order to apply under the skilled work regional (provisional) visa subclass 491, you are required to get hold of the sponsorship by an Australian state or territory or it can be a sponsorship from any eligible family member living in the designated areas of Australia either as a permanent resident or an Australia Citizen.

Top Benefits that your Get from Subclass 491 i.e. Skilled Work Regional Visa

The visa subclass 491 allows you and your family to:

How will Points be Allocated for the 491 Visa?

Visa 491 is a point-tested visa. So, isn’t it a great way to earn great points towards your score. With this visa, you will get:

Points will still be awarded on the basis of certain stipulated factors such as age, language proficiency, years of work experience inside Australia or Outside, Australian study requirements in the same manner under which points are awarded in the 189 and 190 visa.

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What is the Process to Apply for a 491 Visa?

Subclass 491 visa lets you follow some of the steps right from gathering all your documents to applying for the visa 491.

The process for applying under the skilled work regional (provisional) visa is as follows:

Step -1: Determine if your occupation is in the skilled occupation list of Australia or not

Step -2: Get your skills assessed by an assessing authority

Step -3: Check if you meet the 65-points criteria or not

Step -4: Submit your EOI (Expression of Interest) via the online skill select to the Department of Home Affairs

Step -5: Skill select will assess your 65 points and will give you an invitation to apply

Step -6: After the DHA accepts your EOI; the DHA will invite you to apply for the visa 491. Post getting an invitation, you have 60 days-times to submit the supporting documents

Step -7: So, gather all your documents and submit your application for visa 491. Don’t forget to pay your application fees online through your ImmiAccount

Step -8: Once the DHA receives your application, they will send you an email. Post getting the email you can easily track your application. To track the status, you need to login through your ImmiAccount

Step -9: Now, you need to undergo a medical examination test and provide your biometrics for the meantime

Step -10: Congratulations on getting your 491 visa approved, now you will receive an email with your visa grant number, visa conditions and the start date of your visa

What are the Processing Times for Visa Subclass 491?

In order to process that 491 visa application, there is no standard time fixed by the DHA. But, always keep in mind that 41 visa applications are always processed high on priority.

There is a ranking system to receive an ITA to apply for a 491 visa.

What are the Costs Involved for subclass 491?

Let’s understand the fees for visa 491 with the help of a table given below. Have a look!

Applicants Fee Factors Fees (AUD)
Primary Applicant Subclass 491 4045
Dependents (18 years or above) Subclass 491 2025
Dependents (18 years or below) Subclass 491 1010
For every applicant and dependent Medical Clearance Certificate
Police Clearance Certificate
It Depends

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