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Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)

Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)

Australia 189 visa subclass is the most Australian PR visa among the immigrants across the world. This visa is basically crafted for those skilled and qualified workers who are not sponsored by an employer, state or territory, or a family member.

Australia PR Visa 189 is a permanent residency visa that gives you and your accompanying family members a complete right to live and work anywhere in Australia for an indefinite period of time.

Australia Skilled independent 189 Visa is a permanent residency visa for individuals who possess the required qualifications and skills to fill shortages in the Australian workforce.

The selection for a 189 Visa is based on point score, skills, and experience that enable an applicant to apply for visa 189. However, to apply for the 189 visas, you first need to pick an occupation from Medium and Long Term Strategic Skill List (MLTSSL) and, if by any chance, your nominated occupation is not listed on the said demand list, then in such a situation, you may choose an occupation which is nearly related to your profession Additionally,

Check Your Eligibility for visa 189

Benefits of 189 visa Australia

  • Live, work and permanently settle in Australia for an indefinite period
  • Can Enrol in Medicare facilities.
  • After meeting the eligibility requirements can apply for Australian citizenship.
  • Can sponsor other relatives for the Australian permanent residency visa.
  • Can enter and leave Australia within 5 years from the day visa is granted

Eligibility Criteria for Skilled independent (subclass 189) visa.

The first and the foremost thing which comes to mind while applying for a visa is ‘Am I eligible’? The eligibility criteria are a stepping stone for any applicant who wants to live and work in Australia under a subclass 189 visa. Thus, check the below-mentioned eligibility requirements and see for yourself whether you match them or not:

  • Check whether your occupation is listed in the demand list or not:-
    This is a principal requirement to check if your occupation is listed on the Australia skilled occupation list or not. The list contains those occupations which are in high demand in Australia and can be filled by skilled workers to reduce the labour gap.
    Moreover, relevant proof should be kept handy to prove that you have the required set of skills and qualification to work in that occupation.
  • Must meet the minimum points 65/100 eligibility criteria:-
    The second step is to check whether you are able to meet the minimum Australia point test score of 65 points. This means that you have to score at least the minimum said points to be able to proceed further in your Visa 189 process.
    The points are calculated for:
    1. Age
    2. Educational Qualification
    3. Work Experience
    4. Skills
    5. Language requirements
    6. Other factors
  • Must pass skill assessment test:-
    Depending upon your profile, you must have a skill assessment done by the relevant skill assessing authority for a nominated occupation listed on Australian skilled occupation list and the result should be positive in order to move further.
  • Must have an Invitation from the Australian Government:-
    You must be invited to apply for this visa. The invitations are generally given to those applicants who have a good point score in their Australia Point test and the number of available positions in your nominated occupation.
  • Other essential requirements:-
    Apart from the above- mentioned criteria, the following criteria are equally important to apply for Australia subclass 189 visas:
    1. Age :- At the time of visa invitation, you must be under 45 years of age.
    2. Language Requirement :- At the time of visa invitation, you must have competent English.
    3. Work Experience :- At the time of visa invitation, you must have at least 3 years of working experience.
    4. Education :- At the time of visa invitation, you must be a Graduate degree holder (or any equivalent degree holder).
    5. Health :- At the time of visa invitation, you must meet the minimum health requirements by undertaking the required Health Examination of his/her as well as of each family member irrespective of them accompanying you to Australia or not.
    6. Character :- At the time of visa invitation, you must have proof of bearing a good moral character by submitting a police certificate for each country, each member of the family ever has lived in, for a cumulative period of 1 year or more, over the past 10 years, ever since turning 16 years of age.
    7. Debts :- At the time of visa invitation, you must repay, or have arranged to repay, any outstanding debts to the Australian government.
    8. Cancelled Visas :- You might not be able to apply for this visa, if you ever had a visa cancelled or refused while you were in Australia.

Calculate your score


Point system in Australia

For each candidate who has applied for the PR visa of Australia, they are evaluated based on certain criteria like age, proficiency in English, qualification, work experience, etc. You shall be allotted points on these. You need at least 65 points to qualify.

Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 Occupational List

Occupation List for Australia indicates the occupations that are highly in demand in Australia to fulfil the needs of the labour market in Australia. Before Applying for an Australia PR visa, make sure you check first either your occupation is listed in the Occupation List for Australia or not.

Please note - every year, the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) Australia updates the skilled occupation list as per the needs of the ever-changing demands of the Australian Labour Market.

In order to determine which occupation falls under which visa program, we recommend you to first check the occupation lists Australia

Australia has the following Occupation List for

  • Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL):-
    This demand list constitutes the occupations that are highly in demand in Australia.
  • Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL):-
    and qualified workers who are seeking short-term and long-term skilled jobs in Australia.
  • Regional Occupation List (ROL) or the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) ROL List:–
    This List mentions those occupations that are in high demand in their regional labour market to fill the skill shortages.

Here is the updated current eligible occupation list Australia, that are currently in-demand

Skilled Independent (subclass 189) visa cost

To apply for the Skilled Independent (subclass 189) visa, there is a cost that you need to pay the applicant. Australian PR visa cost may vary depending upon the number of family members are accompanying you.

  1. Skill assessment fee between $ 500 - $ 2000, may vary authority to authority
  2. Aus. PR fee From AUD 4,045 for Primary Applicant
  3. Aus. PR fee for Spouse From AUD 2025
  4. Aus. PR fee for per child form AUD 1015

Other charges

  1. IELTS fee Rs. 15000/- per attempt
  2. Medical Fee Ref. 4000- 6000 per person
  3. PCC charges Rs. 500 – 1000/- per person
  4. IELTS fee. Rs. 15000 /- Per Attempt 5
  5. License / Membership Fee Between $ 800 – 3000 ( depend upon on your regulated authority
  6. The second instalment charge for family members is AUD4,885.

You might have to pay an additional cost for any applicant age 18 years or older, not able to score or scored less than functional English language requirements. This cost is known as the second instalment.

Skilled Independent (subclass 189) visa processing Time

The processing Time counted from the Date, they receive your Australia PR application. However Australia PR visa Processing time vary case to case, It also depends upon your quality of documents, the number of application they received, complete set of documents, location, how easily DHA can verify your information, and how soon they receive a response on the concern raised by them.

Please find the current date for Australia PR processing time

  1. 75% of applications completed with 13 months
  2. 90% of applications 13 months.

Still, you have any query, or you want to check the current processing times for your Australia PR application call our Australia PR expert now.

How to apply for a Skilled Independent (subclass 189) visa.

Australia Skilled Immigration 189 Visa category is for such candidates who are skilled and qualified in terms of education and experience but do not have a nomination from an Australian employer or a state/territory or sponsored by a family member living in Australia as a resident or a citizen. This visa allows an immigrant to live and work in Australia for an indefinite period of time as a Permanent Resident of Australia.

Step 1 Check your Eligibility: -

First and foremost, step is to check your Eligibility for an Australia PR visa, in term of the Points system, Demand list, ANZSCO code, state nomination, Age, IELTS, visa subclass, skill assessment criteria’s etc. once you are sure then you now you can submit your application for Skill assessment.

Step 2 Documents Preparation: -

Once you are sure about Eligibility for an Australia PR visa, then now start procuring a range of documentation to support your application and prove your claims. Please note the documents requirements may vary case to case, and depending upon the visa you are applying for and applicants’ circumstances

We personally recommend you go through the Australia PR visa document checklist; it will help prepare all documentation required for your application

Step 3 Skill assessment:-

Skills assessments is a process where your skills (Qualification & work Experience) assessed by relevant skill assessment authority to check are you meeting the skills set (qualification and relevancy of employment) required to work in your occupation. Each occupation has its own skills standard

It is the applicant sole responsibility to get skill assessment done with relevant assessing authority, before applying skill assessment please check the criteria’s, assessment procedure, fee, processing time etc.

If you are not sure about your ANZSCO code, or Eligibility criteria’s of skill assessment Authority please contact our Australia PR expert for professional advice.

Step 4 Expression of Interest: -

Australia expression of Interest is way or skill select where foreign skilled workers who want to settle down in Australia show their interest by submitting application call expression of interest.

To complete your EOI you require your following details:

  1. Personal Detail
  2. Visa type you want to apply
  3. English language test details
  4. Education and qualifications details
  5. Skills Assessment report
  6. Employment history

Please note, it is the applicant responsibility to provide correct, relevant information in expression of interest, and keep updating the details if your circumstances get change. It will be too late to update your Expression of interest if you receive an invitation to apply for your visa. That may lead to rejection of your application.

Step 5 Apply your visa application: -

Once you received your Invitation to Apply (ITA), now you have 60 days to submit your application with relevant fee and documents, please note Australia PR via fee depend upon the number of applicants in the application and documents requirements also vary case to case,

It is your responsibility to pay a correct fee and submit a genuine & complete set of documents as per your circumstance, failing to provide the correct fee, documents may lead to your application refusal.

If your application refused, then the Australia PR visa application fee will not be refunded.

Once your application approved now you will get your Australia PR visa and you can fly to Australia to fulfil your Australian Dream

Australia PR visa documents checklist

Documents play a crucial role in deciding your fate for receiving an Australia PR visa either a skilled independent visa or a state sponsor visa. You must provide documents supporting your application for an Australia PR visa and thus, the ball will be in your court if you submit as much information as possible with your application. DHA makes a decision using the key information provided by you while lodging your visa application.

Key points before submitting documents:

  1. All supporting documents must be scanned and uploaded with your application
  2. All documents provided by you must be coloured copies of your original documents.
  3. Don’t attach original documents along with the application unless asked by the immigration department to do so.
  4. English translations must be done and attached with the documents having any other different language.

Cited below is the required Australia PR documents checklist to make sure your application is complete to apply for an Australia PR visa

  1. Essential application form
  2. Identity Proof
  3. Skill assessment report
  4. Test result of either IELTS or PTE (English Language Exam)
  5. Skilled employment documents
  6. 2 passport size photographs (coloured)
  7. Educational qualification documents (Your highest degree will be taken into consideration)
  8. Australian study requirement
  9. Proof that you studied in the regional area of Australia (if applicable)
  10. Partner Skill
  11. Relationship documents (If you are or have been married, widowed, divorced or permanently separated, provide proof such as divorce documents, death certificate, separation documents or statutory declarations)
  12. Health documents
  13. Character documents
  14. Employment reference letters
  15. Any other documents as and when asked by DIBP

Collect all the above-mentioned documents with the utmost care, a minute mistake done from your end can hamper the Australia PR process. Therefore, you must carefully submit all the required documents as per the list to the Australian immigration officials to avoid any delay in your Australia PR processing.

Hence, consulting a trusted and reputed visa and immigration consultancy will make your work much easier. The experts will wholeheartedly take your documentation burden on their shoulders and will process your application in the most effective way possible.

Aptech visa provides the correct and updated information regarding Australia PR visa documentation, thus, please feel free to discuss your Australia PR case with the highly experienced visa experts of Aptech Global by connecting them through call +91 8447281370, 7503832132 or mail your query to info@aptechvisa.com

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