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Apply for Australia PR from India

Australia PR Visa from India – Transform Your Dream into a Beautiful Reality

Australia, the Kangaroo Land never fails to be on the top when it comes to immigration. Well, this trend is expected to take an upsurge in the near future. The Kangaroo Land is a preferred choice because the immigrants enjoy a high standard of living and a decent lifestyle. India is the second largest source of Skilled Migrants to Australia and according to the latest Australia Immigration News, the Australian Government is making sheer efforts to attract the skilled and the talented workforce from all across the globe.

Aptech Immigration is an Australia immigration consulting agency that helps aspiring immigrants to accomplish their goal of starting a new life in Australia. Whether you want to go for tourism purpose or on an Australian PR, Aptech Immigration helps you go above and beyond.

Our experienced bunch of Australia Immigration experts and professionals have hands-on-experience in delivering effective solutions that are backed by our satisfying client service. Our seasoned bunch of immigration experts is inquisitive and enjoys taking a deep dive into our client’s world. In the digitalized world, we swear by the client-centric approach. We, at Aptech Immigration understand that a delightful client service is a key to a smooth client journey – Right from the client acquisition to the client retention. No matter whatever the situation is, we help our clients to navigate the immigration landscape to transform their dream of Australia Immigration into a beautiful reality.

What is Australia’s PR Visa ?

The Australia PR Visa is the most sought-after visa category that allows you to reside, work and study anywhere in Australia on a permanent basis (for a period of 5 years). Moreover, it also gives you a golden opportunity of applying for the Australian Citizenship post living there for 3 years.

Perks of Becoming a Permanent Resident in Australia

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What are the Key Requirements to Apply for Australian PR Visa from India

Australia has a point-based immigration system in which applying for Australia’s Permanent Residency Visa from India requires you to fulfil a combination of both online and offline activities. Well, there is a certain eligibility criteria that you need to meet if you want to apply for the Australian PR from India. These eligibility requirements are just like the stepping stones that help you accomplish your goal of getting the Australian PR Visa right in your hands.

The Five Key Requirements that You Need to Meet Prior to Applying for Australia PR Visa from India

1. Organize all Your Pertinent Documents well-in-advance

Organizing your documents well-in-advance is the premier requirement that you need to fulfil if you want to accomplish your dream of getting the Australian PR Visa from India. So, prior to applying for the Australian PR, it’s important to gather all your important documents so that you don’t face any twists and turns in the Australian PR Visa.

Organize the key documents if you want to apply for Australian PR from India. The two most important documents are:

Other than these two documents, you need to have your IELTS Language Proficiency Test Results and a positive skills assessment report. Moreover, make sure that the skills assessment report must be assessed by a relevant authority. Also, make sure that you have 65 points in the Australia PR Points Calculator if you want to apply under the most sought-after program i.e. the General Skilled Migration Program.

2. Choose the Appropriate Visa Type

Well, if you want to apply for the Australian PR Visa from India,you need to choose the appropriate visa categories. The visa categories that’re in high-demand are:

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3. Select an Occupation Matching Your Skills and Years of Expertise

Selecting an occupation that is in perfect sync with your skill set and the years of experience is a major eligibility requirement that you need to fulfil if you want to get a hold of the Australian PR Visa. Well, have a look at the SOL list of Australia and make sure that your occupation is present in that list.

If you are applying for the non-sponsored visa category i.e. subclass 189, you need to choose your preferred occupation from the MLTSSL list i.e. the Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List. On the other hand, if you’re taking the pathway of a 190 Visa, you need to check the STSOL (Short-Term Skilled Occupation List), and in case of 491 Visa, you need to make sure that your occupation is listed in the Regional Occupation List (ROL) list of Australia.

4. 65 Points in the Australia PR Points-Based System

After meeting the above requirements, the next requirement is to score 65 points in the skilled migration test. These points are evaluated on the basis of certain stipulated parameters such as age, language requirement, work experience, educational credentials, nomination or sponsorship.

Make sure that you meet the 65 points criteria, if you want to apply for the Australian PR Visa from India. Furthermore, the higher scores will increase your chances of getting an invitation to apply for the PR Visa.

5. Health and Character Requirements

Finally, having a clean bill of health and good character are important if you want to get your Australian PR Visa approved from India. So, you need to undergo a medical test and character verification process. Also, post that you need to submit all the documents related to it.

Well, if you want to gain more knowledge about what are the eligibility requirements to apply for the Australian PR Visa from India, you can fill out the free online enquiry form so that one of our immigration experts gets in touch with you within 24 hours.

How to Apply for the Australian PR Visa from India

Well, if you want to apply for the Australian PR Visa from India, you need to follow a series of steps that will take you closer to your dream destination. So, climb the ladders and get successful in getting the Australia PR Visa approved from the Department of Home Affairs.

Ladder – 1: Meet all the Eligibility Requirements

The very first ladder that you need to climb is to meet all the eligibility requirements. Let’s have a quick recap of the requirements that you need to meet.

Ladder – 2: Take the Language Proficiency Test (IELTS)

No matter the type of visa you choose, it’s always important to appear for the IELTS Language proficiency test that evaluates your proficiency on the basis of four abilities such as reading, writing, speaking and listening. Apart from IELTS, you can appear for other tests as well such as PTE, TOEFL etc.

Ladder – 3: Select Your Occupation from the SOL (Skilled Occupation List)

Post getting the IELTS test, it’s time to select the occupation from the skilled occupation list of Australia. You can select your occupation from the lists given below such as:

Ladder – 4: Register Your Expression of Interest (EOI)

Post choosing the appropriate visa category and selecting the occupation from the above lists, you are required to submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) in the Australia’s Online Skill Select Website. Please make sure that you provide all the pertinent details in your EOI prior to applying for the Australian PR Visa from India.

Ladder – 5: Get Your Invitation to Apply

If your application meets all the eligibility requirements, stay assured that you’ll receive an invitation to apply for Australia’s PR Visa. The Australian Government conducts rounds of invitations on a monthly basis. The ITA’s issued depend upon the number of candidates who have applied for the nominated occupation and the current ceiling in the occupation at that time of the year.

Applicants with the highest scores are issued an invitation for the relevant visa subcategory. For the applicants who scored equal, priority will be given to those who first reached their points under the skilled visa type.

Ladder – 6: Submit Your Australian PR Application from India

Post getting the ITA, you have 60-days-time to submit your application for the PR Visa. The application must include all your credentials so that the processing can be done in a hassle-free manner. You need to attach Personal documents, Immigration Documents and work experience evidence at the time of submitting your application for Australian PR from India.

Ladder – 7: Get Your Clearance Certificates

The next step is to submit your Medical Clearance and Police Clearance Certificates stating that you are in good health and a good character.

Ladder – 8: Get Your Australian PR Visa Grant

Post climbing the 7 ladders, the last ladder is the ladder to success. So, make sure that you climb the above 7 ladders so that you can start a new life by becoming the Permanent Resident of Australia.

The Aptech Global Advantage

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